Speak over brick

English workshops are aimed at developing communication skills in everyday life at the elementary level. Children learn new words and phrases, try to build sentences expressing their thoughts and wishes. They develop their social skills and learn to work in a group. During the lesson the teacher uses a wide range of materials thus making the workshops well-planned, stress-free, interesting and dynamic. Children won’t be bored because there will be plenty of entertaining activities for them: songs, games, flash cards, group and pair work, stories and rhymes. Children like to create so they’ll have the opportunity. Different building sets, blocks, puzzles and plastic works will be at their disposal. No time to waste! Knowledge and fun are combined in the lessons. Our workshops are planned to give the children positive learning experience!

Workshops are dedicated for children between 4 and 9 years old.

Autor warsztatu: Irina Berezkina

Ira has a university degree and qualifications for teaching English as a foreign language. She has rich experience in teaching children at different levels of language abilities. Using wide range of materials, she makes her lessons funny, interesting and useful. Privately Ira is a creative mother of three kids and enthusiastic and smiling person.