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At Klockownia, we provide children with blocks of unique shapes, different sizes and multiple structures.

Activity zones

Designed for children aged 0-12, Klockownia blends entertainment with learning and focus practice, giving kids the chance to build their imagination, creativity, logic thinking, confidence and to develop and practice relationships with parents and other kids.

What is Klockownia?

We will take you on a journey to the world of brilliant constructions and projects, unrestricted fun and unlimited imagination. Every child can play in Klockownia: small or big – and the blocks never end! Playing with blocks is best learning through play activity – the child experiences his first successes and achievements, explores and discovers, makes mistakes while unconsciously and constantly learning.

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News and events

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The best place of fun and education for children in Wroclaw. An excellent selection of educational toys for children of all ages. Safe, creative, clean and polite service.


(Gdańsk). A great place to play, lots of different blocks, we will visit regularly. A big plus for the lack of background music.


Blocks paradise! :) Such a multitude of blocks types (wafers, materials, magnetics, plastic, wood, etc.) and the sizes of blocks (from tiny to giant) that we have spent 3 hours out of the planned :) Children would like to come back even tomorrow :)


We just got back from the playground. It was great, stuff is smiling and patient towards my everywhere moving three year old, engaged with my toddler baby. We will be back often!




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