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Klockownia is a place full of tools to create a unique lesson or creative workshop. Nothing makes children happier as much as a trip and a change in the daily class routine. There is no place for being bored in Klockownia: the mobile suddenly becomes unnecessary and children are overwhelmed with imagination and unbridled joy. The emotions connected with such trips will undoubtedly remaind kids that learning is so fun.

The space and blocks in Klockownia are adapted to children with special educational needs, therefore we warmly invite all children to learn through play.

During every trip we guarantee:

  • creative fun for children
  • coffee / tea for teachers
  • unique attractions and high standard of the premises
  • toilet, cafe, meal to order
  • caring staff with pedagogical knowledge and attitude
  • animations or educational workshops to choose from for all groups of 6+

Selected workshops for preschool and school groups:

Creativity and critical thinking

Foreman’s journeys – 6-10 years – workshop with reference to the most characteristic buildings of the world, not only supports the desire to travel, but also boosts independent learning, creating or solving problems.

You can choose one of the two core skills training:

  1. asking questions and drawing conclusions – stimulating children’s creativity
  2. searching for new and original solutions


Mazes – 6-10 years – children become the creators of the maze. The construction of a large structure is a training ground for teamwork and cooperation skills.

You can choose one of three core skills training:

  1. roles in the group
  2. a shared vision of the team
  3. conflict resolution


Young architects – 6-10 years – children learn the basic concepts of architecture and design, build a building or its equipment.

You can choose one of three core skills training:

  1. active listening
  2. nonverbal communication
  3. bridges and communication barriers

For preschool kids aged 2,5-6 we have prepared trips with animations lead by our professional staff. You can explore our Downloadable Learning Resources if you want to carry your class in some specific actvity: math, english or logic.  Additionally, why not check out our range of activities with the group before you visit Klockownia –  so your pupils can decide what they would like to get involved in the most!

Trips and workshops for groups over 10 children take place from Monday to Friday from 9.00-15.00. Teachers enter the facility for free. Book a date convenient for your group on this website.

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