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The idea for Klockownia arose when our children reached the age of 3-5 and we were looking for places to play, where we could enjoy having fun together.

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We designed the eduteinment center entirely based on our own observations, reflections and specialist knowledge of child educators and psychologists. The goal was to create a place where the blocks will be a tool, and the environment will create the opportunities to use this tool to exercise different skills that the child must use at his development stages. Hence, each zone has been adapted to the degree of advancement of the child’s life and prepared with a view to extending the scope of cognition. With the help of blocks, the child learns about himself, tests his abilities, overcomes the first failures, looks for different solutions, creates his world and experiences a number of challenges within social skills area.

We currently homeschool our children and still frequently use blocks for everyday learning. We believe playing with blocks extends specific knowledge but allows to acquire and practice the skills needed later in the life of adult – such as cooperation, communication or leading a group.

We want Klockownia to inspire parents to play with children, which we believe is the crucial element of happy and healthy relation.  You can observe your child, get to know him/her better and learn to spend real quality time together. In Klockownia we always explore and discover by play – the most important element of a happy childhood. We want to stay in kids’ memories as the joyful and interesting place to be however we know that the needs of parents dynamically change, therefore we’ll be happy to hear your suggestions and comments, so that Klockownia will be your child’s favorite choice.

Gosia and Mateusz


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