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At Klockownia, we provide children with blocks of unique shapes, different sizes and multiple structures.

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Children are offered blocks in several different play and education zones. They can build from such blocks as JollyHeap, Btoys, K’nex, Plastwood, Smartmax, Geomag, Lego as well as large Marioinex bricks and innovative Imagination Playground soft and big blocks.

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Are you looking for an idea for creative classes? Come to Klockownia with your group / class and use our blocks to create unique classes / lessons – practice kids’ motor skills, concentration, basic mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry, logic, creative theater techniques etc. A lot depends on you, whether children will love what you teach and how they will grow. Don’t waste this chance! Our staff will advise you on which zone to choose and how you can optimally organize your class.

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Organize an unforgettable birthday party – building together, wrecking it all and cardboard creations Tektorado are just some of our suggestions. Check how to celebrate this important for your child day!


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Organize a special event where your employees or children interact in an easy and pleasant way. An event reminding them that playing together is the best way of learning. Contact Klockownia and ask for your options.

Activity zones

Designed for children aged 0-12, Klockownia blends entertainment with learning and focus practice, giving kids the chance to build their imagination, creativity, logic thinking, confidence and to develop and practice relationships with parents and other kids.


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