Birthday Parties Offer

Your child’s birthday is the most important day of the year for him. At Klockownia, we understand this perfectly, so we will organize an unusual party that will be remembered for a long time.

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Birthday Parties Offer

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A unique birthday in a creative space – it’s always waiting for you in Klockownia. Organizing birthdays is an important task in our Center, so we try to respond to your expectations and adapt packages to the needs of your child and yours. With pleasure, Dear Parents, we will take off your shoulder the work related to the preparation of the party. We have prepared for you two birthday packages – each of them different depending on your needs.

If you want an all-inclusive service and do not want to bother yourself and engage your time in preparation, ideas and shopping, we highly recommend the Premium package. It is a full package which includes standard snacks, but also meal and birthday cake for kids. It works very well at around lunch and dinner, when children after having fun eat and happily entertained can come back home. However, if you want to organize the birthday cake yourself and you need a smaller menu we have a standard package for you.

For those who cannot come to Klockownia, we have prepared an online birthday package. With the help of ZOOM, we will organize an online birthday animation for your child: building or decorating block cookies or puns and riddles together, or a joint interactive game. In the package we also offer solemn singing a Happy Birthday song while serving the cake at home and we guarantee the fun for all your online guests.

Birthday parties’ packages:

Mon.- Thu./ Fri.– Sun. & hollidays
Mon.- Thu./ Fri.– Sun. & hollidays
Price per personform 49 zł. / form 59 zł.100 zł / 110 zł
Time in birthday room 2 h2 h
Time in Klockownia2 h2 h
Birthday party keeper (2h) *80 zł.included
Animator + building animations (2h) *160 zł.included
Electronic Invitations VV
Birthday cakeoptionV
Birthday cake serviceVV
Gift voucherVV

* Birthday party keeper:

  • will welcome birthday guests.
  • introduce children to the birthday room and present the fun rules in Klockownia.
  • during the whole event, the birthday guardian is obliged to pay attention to birthday guests – mainly  on their safety – and can initiate the creation of a structure that the children will continue on their own.
  • will solemnly serve the cake and invite the Jubilee guests to the hall.
  • say goodbye to birthday guests and hand in a voucher.

* Birthday party animator

  • In addition to the duties of a birthday guardian, the animator will initiate and conduct construction games in the selected zone.

Birthday keeper or party animator must be chosen for each standard package.

In both packages there is an option of exchanging standard snacks for fruit and nuts – additional payment to the package in this option PLN 10 / person.

The minimum number of kids at the party – 8

Cake for guests of the jubilee can be: light or dark sponge cake, vanilla or chocolate or cream filling with raspberry / cherry / strawberry / chocolate / selected candy bar. Customized cakes are made to order on additional payment. Bringing your own cake to the standard package only with a responsability statement – additional payment 30 zł.

The packages can be extended with: balloon constructions – 8 PLN / person, fruit / vegetable plate 70 PLN / plate, tectorado from 70 to 200 PLN (40 cm – 160 cm), giant balloon filled with sweets (as piñata) – 100 zł, face painting – 10 zł / person or more options available in the booking system.

To meet parents’ expectations, we organize a table for adult participants for each birthday package. The organization of such a table – in both packages’ costs from PLN 100 – for later use in our café bar.

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