What is Klockownia?

We will take you on a journey to the world of brilliant constructions and projects, unrestricted fun and unlimited imagination

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Every child can play in Klockownia: small or big – and the blocks never end! Playing with blocks is best learning through play activity – the child experiences his first successes and achievements, explores and discovers, makes mistakes while unconsciously and constantly learning.

In Klockownia, the blocks have been selected in such a way to let the kids play with them for a long time without getting bored, never actually building the same building twice. Children love to turn the world upside down and create their own rules and unique paths. Klockownia was created to give the kids what they want and need – a space to develop their imagination and shape themselves and the world around them.

Here we will awake children’s hunger for knowledge, creativity, logical thinking and the ability to communicate and cooperate with others. In Klockownia, playing with blocks has a completely different character. It encourages physical activity, stimulates action and allows you to acquire versatile skills. It also creates one of the few opportunities for children and their family to play together with parents, grandparents or other family members. It gives all opportunities to spend valuable time together building long lasting relations.


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